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Our Vision

We are a dynamic company which meets market demands directing its attention to the customer and his/her needs. We are driven by a wish: being reference point leaders in counselling and outsourcing. As the world is changing fast, we and the companies which are among our customers keep up with such changes and we often move even faster, forestalling times and trends thanks to the constant, alert and steadfast activity of our research facility.

We perform our job with the dynamics of a winning team, focusing both on business and market dynamism as a whole, and on individual needs. The customer’s development is our development, in compliance with roles, honesty, ethics and a fair profit earned through the achievement of the most ambitious results. We are guided by passion and enthusiasm in our work, which can be summarized in supplying outstanding services , with granted timescales, with the aim of optimizing the activity of our customer companies but also of making the world better and safer, a place everybody can benefit from.


Our Mission

Our target is to become word leaders in overall supplying of counselling and services in Life Science, Chemical, Industrial and Food branches. The nature of our commitment is guaranteed by a firm belief that only in quality, intended as a sustainable instrument, lie the principles that can bring a surplus value to the flow and to the company product. To be on our customers’ side, to allow them to dynamically take the opportunity of the moment optimizing investments and containing risks, we have to earn the companies’ trust proving that we are able to win every challenge offering the best solution, which engenders a prompt, correct, competitive and innovative answer. The relation with the customer must be transparent, honest, clear at all levels. This can be obtained by continuously monitoring performances, constantly improving our services and our competence. There is only one way to achieve such a thing: treasuring experience. Our uncompromised philosophy allows only senior staff coming from industry to work amongst us. They are experienced people who work with passion and accuracy. They are highly qualified experts who have already intensely and repeatedly gone through the same difficulties our costumers face every day in highly competitive and unmercifully selective markets.


Our Values

We believe that people build equipment and manufacture products and therefore are absolutely responsible for them not only in the eyes of quality and resulting company profit: transparency, trust, reliability and consistency are basic features in the life of human beings and they must precede the laws of commerce and free market. The foregoing is expecially true for M-Squared. The attention and care for our customers, whom we owe enduring transparency, trust, accuracy, reliability and consistency, must precede our internal needs: that means our action must constantly point towards future and profit.


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