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13 September 2013

Accounting & Management Control

Management control, through economical and financial planning instruments, plays a fundamental role in the company management.

By cost analysis and carefully planning when one has to comply with financial commitments, analysing incomes and reference market and foreseeing when it’s possible to collect one’s credits, the businessman is assisted into taking the proper decisions in order to improve the company profits and optimizing his/her own debt owed to banks, with the resulting effects on financial commitments.


Our Consulting Services

  • Detailed and/or statistic analysis and implementation of applications to check specific areas in the company, and of the company as a whole as well
  • Statistic reports with automated calculation of ROI (Return Of Investments)
  • Drafting of economical calculations for product or commission and analysis of the included information
  • Identification and implementation of techniques for cost allocation and for drafting of economic calculations, full cost or half-full cost
  • Use of business intelligence information systems fully compatible with Office systems and all the most common management systems (ex. SAP, AS-400, Microsoft Dynamix, etc.) and/or support in selecting other dedicated software
  • Preparation of applications for drafting of cash flows and capital forecasts, on a previsional level
  • ERP management systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) and dedicated software for Balance data management (Balance Data Management)
  • Business Process Modeling (BPM) of business processes; real processes (“as-is”) and progressing processes map (“to-be”) to identify necessary improvements to move from processes detected in as-is to those executed in to-be. Interventions may be incremental and included in the BPM or radical, thus opening the issue concerning business process reengineering (Business Process Reengineering or BPR). Interventions may concern both technology and organization and normally imply also training on the new processes

Our consulting are ideal for companies with fluctuating trends. Costs and debt analysis helps to face the negative moment.


Use Cases

  • To maintain and improve one’s economical and financial results
  • To achieve a different point of view on one’s company; the consultant necessarily conveys his/her own experiences in the contest where he/she is working and suggests alternative solutions
  • To obtain a support activity for report drafting, allowing the managers more time to devote to analysis and the resulting business decisions
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