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13 September 2013

Due Diligence

By due diligence we mean the investigation process performed to analyse value and condition of a company, or one of its branches (but also a technology, a product, a project, a plant, a dossier etc.) in preparation for a possible purchase or investment.

This is a commercial assessment and consists in checking quality, regulatory (clinic matters and recording documentation), legal (authorizations, compliance with local regulations as far as regards environment and safety) and financial (regarding administrative matters where company stability has to be analysed in terms of costs and budget) compliance.

All potential problems the object of the analysis might incur have to be considered (risk assessment): from workplace accident, to energy shortage, undelivered raw materials, workers situation, etc. etc.

Thus, the aim of due diligence is to be able to assess strong and weak points of the product itself to identify, ultimately:

  • the actual value of what one wants to purchase
  • the risks one has to face
  • the potential profit
  • the necessary period for a return on investment


Our Consulting Services

  • Detailed analysis and report of the company situation
  • Gap Analysis as far as regards:
    • Regulatory: regulatory dossiers
    • Quality: the company quality systems
    • IT: information technology
    • Engineering and building: condition of plants
    • Safety and Security: environment and safety
    • Clinical aspects
    • Supply chain and flow: materials flow and logistic
    • Finance: financial stability


Our consulting are ideal to lead companies to calculated investments with the advice of a third party that is proficient and qualified.


Use Cases

  • Before the acquisition or a further investment in a new third society
  • To assess how healthy is the context where one is going to invest
  • To make sure the investment is realized after determining the real risk
  • To have external advice that is qualified and proficient
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