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13 September 2013

Engineering and Building

When we are dealing with industrial plants, of any productive nature, planning is absolutely essential to create a work environment that is efficient, healthy and in compliance with the current and strictest Quality Systems regulations, such as GMP, GLP, AOAC, IDF, ISO, ASTM, HACCP, keeping well in mind also the necessity to reduce operating costs.


Nowadays special attention is also required for systems such as:

-BMS (Building Management System) it is the system used to manage the resources and services available in a building. They are often identified in the following subsystems: climate regulation, fire control, intrusion control, security cameras, staff and objects traceability, lifting equipment, audio-video communication systems.


-HVACR (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)


Our Consulting Services

  • Architectural projecting for building of any nature and for any purpose
  • Cadastral certificates and variations as result of changes in the internal disposition of in internal spaces that are undergoing renovation
  • Certifications of energy performances
  • Engineering: validation, projecting (or renovation), planning, implementation (including work supervision), set up and qualification of pharmaceutical, chemical or factory industrial plants
  • Assistance during interaction with local authorities (Communes, Provinces, Regions) for permission attainment and tax relief
  • Remote implementation and managing of BMS and HVACR systems
  • Drafting and filling of installation, efficiency and performance protocols in compliance with regulations

Our consulting services are fundamental to get off to a good start avoiding chores such as having to return to a non-compliant plant, resulting in high expenses.


Use Cases

  • When building a new plant or updating-restructuring the current plant, to be in compliance with sector regulations, both national and international
  • To obtain an exhaustive assessment of your project since the start, immediately focusing every effort on a single contact point, competent also for everything that may be necessary after the construction or restructuring (plant qualification, net certification etc.)
  • To have contact points that are qualified and experienced in dealing with Public Authorities
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