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13 September 2013

Environment Consulting

Consulting in the environmental field ranges from the classical and consolidated Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems compliant with international reference regulation (ISO 9001 and 14001, International Organization for Standardization) to innovative services such as energy saving diagnosis and planning, evaluation of the environmental footprint (statistical computation of the impact of power consumption on the environment) and carbon footprint (computation of gas carbon emission) and environmental sustainability assessment.


Our Consulting Services

  • Quality; Environment and Safety Management System documents
  • Energetic diagnosis report
  • Carbon footprint report and eventual interventions to counterbalance CO2 emissions
  • Due diligence report underlining possible environment liabilities of an activity
  • Characterization plans and recoveries of contaminated sites, with cost appraisal
  • Assessment of preservation status of asbestos and procedures for adequate management
  • Assessment of noise impact in working environments and in external environments and possible acoustic recovery
  • Chemical-physical analysis on emissions to water and air, with release of related certificates
  • Drafting of social, economic and environmental sustainability

Our consulting services are ideal to obtain 14001 and 18001 certifications, which enable to obtain tax relief from Inail and to reduce bank guarantees according to the company category and the number of workers.


Use Cases

  • Planning an activity
  • During an on-going activity
  • During acquisition of plants or production sites
  • To ensure compliance with binding regulation and prevent possible sanctions
  • To improve one’s own corporate image
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