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13 September 2013

Food Technologies

As required by directives and law regulations (ISO 22000 for Food Safety, BRC British Retail Consortium, IFS International Food Standard) food companies are in duty bound to make their processes transparent and as safe as possible and to adopt a Control System to ensure the quality of their products.

We have an excellence know-how in the food technologies field at your disposal, aimed at testing, assessing and/or certifying foodstuffs quality and safety, from production to storage.


Our Consulting Services

  • Study of food processing to update products and processes to improve production capacity of plants and to increase nutritional and sensorial values of the products
  • Study of treatment, conditioning and storage of foodstuffs (2000 square meters of refrigerating rooms for good storage and for stability studies on products)
  • Definition of quality and fine tuning indicators of related analysis methods (development, validation)
  • Monitoring systems all the way up and down the production chain for fruit and vegetable products, dairy products and post butchery for animal products
  • Qualification of agri-foodstuffs and agroindustrial systems; planning of systems for production chain traceability
  • Exams and tests on processed organic products
  • Technical-scientific assessment of additives in organic products processing
  • Assessment of chemical and bio-chemical aspects of product processing and storage
  • Development and optimization of fermentation systems
  • Development of NIR-Raman applications
  • Plants: planning, modification, transformation, installation, qualification, maintenance and updating
  • Miniaturization of plants and simplification of production lines for small agri-foodstuff productions; use of renewable energies
  • Preparation to inspections for quality certification
  • Audit and qualification of suppliers

Our consulting are ideal during planning, set up, start up and modification stages of industrial plants or pilot plants or for small productions.


Use cases

  • To take advantage of qualified consulting and be able to take on ambitious projects without resorting to internal resources, optimizing R&D, Quality and Engineering costs
  • To make use of external research plants and refrigerating rooms avoiding to invest one’s money
  • To qualify, keep qualified and improve one’s Quality System
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