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13 September 2013

Quality – ISO Systems

An ISO Quality System (International Organization for Standardization) covers its own cost in a couple of years. For such reason, the choice to certify one’s own business is a farsighted choice which guarantees a definite repayment of the capital investment thanks to the image improvement, to the incremented quality of the product, to the faster reply to the customer, to the production scraps decrease and/or loss of efficiency.

Getting off to a good start is essential in order not to waste energies but steer them in the right direction ensuring not only the promptly attainment of the certification but also all the benefits deriving from the quality increase of one’s own products.

Internal audits and audits to suppliers also represent a very important moment in order to guarantee a constant efficiency to one’s own quality system. This is the reason why it is advisable to be supported by an expert able to focus on critical areas which need in-depth analysis.

Once the certification has been obtained, it is necessary anyway to check periodically its efficiency, to ensure it does not turn itself into useless internal bureaucracy which involves higher costs and no improvement in the quality area.


Our consulting services

  • Assistance in implementing regulatory compliant quality systems
  • ISO9000-Quality Management
  • ISO14000-Environmental Management
  • ISO17025-Quality Management of testing and calibration laboratories
  • ISO20000- Information Services Management
  • ISO22000-Dietary Safety
  • Fulfilment of certification procedures
  • Support through certification stage with Certification Authority
  • Suppliers audit on behalf of a third party
  • Internal audits

Our consulting are ideal to ensure one’s own quality system is always effective and efficient and to supervise the profitable management of one’s own energies, in order not to lose sight of the actual needs.


Use cases

  • At the beginning of the certification stage
  • At the beginning of the re-certification, in order not to overlook critical elements which may cause a non renewal
  • During maintenance stage of the efficiency/effectiveness of the system


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