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13 September 2013

Safety and Prevention

Every working sector has a different risk likelihood. Risk assessment is one of the central pillars of the preventing model provided for by regulations, based on the premise that an effective preventing action can’t be developed without starting from an in-depth knowledge of the company working cycle and of the connected dangers/risks. Risk assessment, meaning “risk” as the likelihood that a damaging event occurs as a result from exposure to a danger, is the combination of the complex operations that have to be performed to assess any exposition to a danger, considering the operating methods of the working procedures.


Our Consulting Services

Generic Consulting for Companies and Authorities

  • Consulting to obtain compliance with current regulations and international standards (OHSAS 18000 – Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) concerning Hygiene and Safety in workplaces
  • Assessment of company risks: Chemical – Fire – Working Mothers – Manual Load Movement –  Noise – Vibrations – Visual Display Units – Work Related Stress – HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
  • Setting up of Contingency Plans: Fire Prevention Systems, First Medical Aid – Evacuation
  • PPSRP responsibility (Preventing and Protecting Service Responsible Person)



  • Noise preventing assessment (also for temporary and moving construction sites)
  • Preventing assessments of acoustic environment for new settlements
  • Testing of passive acoustic requirements of buildings (sound-proof insulation of walls and facades, insulation from footstep noises, from plant noises)
  • Planning test and in-progress trial of acoustic performances
  • Acoustic zoning plan (Acoustic Zoning or Acoustic Categorization of the town administrative area)
  • Surveys aimed at noise emissions assessment in the construction site area
  • Study and planning of architectural acoustics of public places (canteens, gyms, auditoriums, nursery schools)
  • Planning of auditory remediation interventions on equipments, plants and work environments


Risk assessment outcomes are essential to plan an adequate safety management, defining the preventing and protection measures to adopt.


Health Monitoring

  • Designation of the company appointed doctor
  • Periodical preventive medical examinations to assess suitability to perform specific tasks
  • Creation of health records for every worker
  • Drafting of a health monitoring plan and/or annual health plan
  • Creation of health promoting plans in the company
  • Assessment of noise and/or vibration exposure for workers



  • Drafting of following plans: Safety and Coordination (PSC), Demolition, Safety and Health Plans (POS)
  • Managing of interfering construction sites and different operation steps
  • Drafting of risk assessment documents: noise and/or vibrations
  • Scaffolding planning and drafting of PIMUS (Scaffold Assembly, Use and Dismantling Plan)
  • Assumption of Safety Coordinator, Operations Manager, Preventing and Protection Services responsibility (RSPP) for construction companies
  • Coordination of monuments and buildings of historic and architectural interest restoration


Training and Information Courses

  • Prevention and Protecting Services Manager (RSPP) – Employers
  • Emergency: fire risk and other specific risks, first aid
  • For visual display units operators
  • For Manual Load Movement operators
  • IPD use and training (Individual Protection Devices)
  • Use of temporary works and portable ladders
  • Electrical systems safety
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