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Would you like to contribute to M-Squared with your experiences, competence and passion? A great opportunity is waiting for you, in an unique environment where the values expressed in our policies are non just words but a belief system that is put into effects daily. M-Squared means team work, interaction with people, facing challenges and suggesting winning and innovative strategies and solutions. In multiplicity there is information. And in information there is knowledge. This is why every opinion is important and every point of view is considered.


Outstanding Experience – Services of Excellence

Joining M-Squared means being part of a company which offers technological services, outsourcing, managerial and business counselling of excellence in every market branch. Our senior staff comes directly from industry and from the most eminent international research centres. And thanks to our experienced staff M-Squared helps its customers to reach the highest performances and to earn competitive, tangible and long lasting advantages that enable them to win the daily challenges of a complex global market.


360° Experience – A Single Interlocutor Competent in Every Aspect

What distinguishes us is the ability to offer our customers the opportunity to cooperate with M-Squared as a single contact point for all aspects of every project, from technical to finance to R&D. We have a wide and deep competence and we are able to come up with the winning, innovative and feasible alternative every time.


Teamwork – Synergy Comes From Everybody’s Ideas

In a system like M-Squared the teamwork factor is essential in order to offer the synergies that distinguish us effectively. This is why the importance of the individual is wanted, identified and maximized. Everybody is called to express his/her own ideas because it’s in the various contributions of the different points of views that the best solution hides, the solution that leads to excellence, the one that the others aren’t able to see yet.


Our Staff – Our Wealth

Our staff – Our wealth. Our staff is the interface with our customers, their knowledge and experience are our wealth and our product. We want to offer our customers excellence in every aspect and we want it in every individual in our staff. In order to demand this we are willing to offer everything that may be needed through the most appropriate instruments.


Ongoing Training – Keeping Up With the World

Professional development training for our staff is necessary in order to be constantly up to date as far as regards what is changing all around the world. If we want to be a reliable reference point for our customers, we must absolutely have the most qualified and constantly up to date staff.


More and More New Challenges in Every Branch

Our staff is composed by bloodstocks who need to feel continuously thought-provoked every day. We stand by the side of customers of any kind, size and market branch, continuously evolving and with the highest excellence requirements. Our routine is the speed at which the world changes.


Different People – Same Values

Our business values are not limited to well written words on a brochure. They are our daily belief. We give plenty of importance to variety, geographical, social, cultural or of any other kind. The reason is that in a variety of opinions, cultures and points of view lies the information that we need in order to be leaders in our job and to contribute in first person to build a better world that anybody can benefit from.


Work Environment – Building a Successful Team

We don’t lack occasions to build a successful team. Working in M-Squared means joining a dynamic but comfortable environment, target oriented but careful towards individual needs. It is important to find occasions for confrontation about achieved results and to see that the team feels as one, where nobody is left behind, where everybody feels supported and endorsed by the group, where dynamics are crystal clear and honest, where meritocracy based on actual parameters is the ordinary standard. Information about successes, ongoing projects, general status of the company and about medium-term and long-term targets are always shared among the co-workers.


Job Family Time Time Customization – Quality of Life

The time dedicated to work is as important as the time dedicated to family or to oneself. Only such balance allows to reach the right harmony that leads furthermore to the ability to concentrate on one’s work in a productive and efficient way. This is why we allow a large freedom to the individual in as far as regards day planning according to one’s own pace, time, needs, time slot and personal needs. Quality of life is the first and most important benefit we offer to anybody to decides to join M-Squared.


Senior Level

If you are among the best in your field, we want to meet you! We are continuously looking for high profile specialists. We can offer you daily opportunities to confront with senior managers from important international groups establishing for you challenging and ambitious targets. M-Squared offers counselling and services regarding outsourcing in every branch of the market giving its partners the opportunity to train and grow continuously as far as regards different topics and fields, thus breeding professionals with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience that enables them to deal with challenges in a global market that is becoming more and more complex and dynamic.


Entry Level

Have you just completed your academic studies? Have you had a brilliant course? If you are a smart and brilliant person, with the right disposition for teamwork, a winning personality, if you have a strong will to act and an enterprising spirit, M-Squared is the right place for you! With us you will be able to acquire a substantial 360° professional and shaping experience, and the opportunity to cooperate with the senior staff in different projects and fields will offer you a multi-specialized experience which will enable you to start a winning career.


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