BiomimX® extends consultancy agreement with M-squared.

BiomimX® decided to extend strategic consultancy collaboration with M-Squared srl and receive business development advice to review and define the commercial operation relative to service (uHeart and uKnee) and proprietary cell differentiation organ-on-chip platform. M-squared is an Italian consultancy company offering consultancy, training, and HR placement in the pharmaceutical/biotech sector. M-Squared team is actively working with BiomimX® team to identify and negotiate terms relative the adoption of BiomimX® products (uBeat® Platform and uBox) from Life science community. In our view, the adoption of uBeat® technology in early phase discovery projects will meet request of European community and will facilitate the match between research objectives and patient needs.

About BiomimX®

BiomimX® is an innovative startup developing in vitro human functional mini organs to test pre-clinically the efficacy and toxicity of new drugs. The key technology of the platform, called uBeat®, allows for the functional replication of human tissue by applying a proprietary controlled mechanical stimulation protocol to 3D cell constructs. The human cells, either primary or stem cells are grown within beating miniaturized devices defined as “beating Organs-on-chip”. The pipeline of BiomimX® is rich and increasing complexity actively developing several organ and disease solution, confirming the versatility of BiomimX® technological platform as advanced in vitro preclinical tool. In addition to the established uHeart and uKnee models, BiomimX® team is validating new Organs-on-Chip models (e.g., uGut, uHeart+Liver, uScar) to replicate relevant pathophysiological processes involved in drug metabolism or in disease onset.

About m-Squared Consulting

The Product & Business Development business unit was set up to enhance the value of the technical skills present at m-Squared, in the development of the pharmaceutical product understood as a set of processes:

  • Preclinical and clinical research and development;
  • Pharmaceutical development;
  • Regulatory strategy;
  • Marketing phases.

Learn more about Pharma product & Business development

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