Advanced training for Life Science professionals

We share experience and give form to ambitions

m-Squared is specialized in consultancy and training in the pharmaceutical field. Over the years we have trained some of the leading professionals in the life science sector. The aim of the m-squared master courses is to train the professionals of tomorrow for leading positions in the reference industry. Our master courses are held by company instructors and the programs are drawn up by a scientific committee that certifies the contents of the course.

The approach of our Master courses is typically practical to give the students as real a vision as possible of the setting in which they will work once they have completed the course. The aim of our Master courses is to put the students in a position to be immediately operative once they have joined a company.

With our STPs (Smart training Programs), through the preliminary tests of the students, we assess the level of knowledge of each class and adapt the program to it so that none of the lessons are banal and they meet the satisfaction of all the participants. As at every company, time is precious and the lessons must transmit as much information as possible to every participant.

Principal Courses


We train corporate professionals

Training at m-squared Academy is continuous, centred on the skills to be acquired and integrated so as to mould the professional figures actually required and present in the business world, but also open to change, continuous education, novelties and exchanges of ideas between professionals and the institutions.

We know how to do it

We develop and design training courses on the basis of the corporate professional skills, whether they are to be developed or strengthened, we give operational training based on the general level of competence of the company and on the awareness of the need to acquire skills rapidly.

Comitato Scientifico

Il Comitato Scientifico di m-Squared è composto da alcune delle più interessanti personalità del mondo Life Science. Supporto e fonte di ispirazione per le attività dell’Academy oltre che promotore di iniziative atte al miglioramento dei programmi formativi. Scopri di più

The Pluses of Academy training

# SMALL CLASSES | For few people, not everyone

A limited number of candidates are admitted to the Academy Master courses. This decision was made to make the experience of the course, whether it is held in the classroom or on line, an opportunity for consultation for each individual participant. Few participants, much attention, several opportunities for direct discussions, a solution that is clearly not possible with large classes.

# SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE | From companies… for companies

Our Master courses and their programs were designed following meetings held by our scientific committee made up of professionals from pharmaceutical companies. The courses and their programs are designed to respond to company needs for concrete solutions.

# CUSTOMER CARE | Before, during and after

Maintenance of contact with the instructor after the course, quick and easy registrations, support in organizing any transfers. Didn’t you take note of something? Did you forget to ask a question? no problem. With the m-squared Academy master course, nothing is lost.

# SMART TRAINING PROGRAM | The course becomes consultancy

The program of the event tailored to each individual participant thus always responds to specific individual needs. Each individual participant can ask specific questions “before the course”* and receive the answers during it.

# LAB-MODE | Best Practice

With Lab-Mode theory becomes practice. Actual cases, exercises and simulations: Maximum efficacy and measurable return on investment.

# ON DEMAND | When you want

The production needs, regulatory changes and the recruitment of new staff make life hard for Human Resources! We offer rapid training courses to handle your training emergencies
*available for in-house and webinar courses

# PERFORMANCE | we know how to do it!

Quickly, well and with precision. Our basic and focus on courses, events or boot camps, in-house courses or projects all have the same feature: #Performance.

# ON DEMAND PLUSS | Choose how to follow

# COMMUNITY | We share experience

Every event is an opportunity to exchange views and perform networking with colleagues from large companies. With our large #Community of professionals you remain up to date and in contact with everyone.

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