m-Squared Academy. Tools for tomorrow makers.

We firmly believe in the value of knowledge and preparation, not only as levers for personal development but also as fundamental elements for the growth of the company and the society it operates within.
For this reason, we have created a business unit that is able to develop training courses in line with the demands of the labour market, training increasingly prepared and proactive professionals.

We are not afraid to say that, over the years, we have trained some of the most influential professionals in all business departments; it’s the truth, after all.

The aim of the m-Squared Masters is to train the professionals of tomorrow in the most important positions in the target industry.

They are held by company professors and the programmes are drawn up by a Scientific Committee that certifies the course.
The approach is purely practical, to give the student a view that is as close as possible to the context they will have to face once they have finished their studies. Our courses and Masters have a clear objective: to put the student in a position where they can be immediately operational once they enter the company.

With our smart training programmes we evaluate the degree of knowledge of each class through preliminary tests, in order to adapt the programme so that no lesson is unneeded . In this way we are able to accommodate the participants, keeping alive their interest and their desire to constantly improve. We do not like wasting time — in study, in life, in work. Maximising each participant’s learning is our goal.