One of the most crucial challenges today is to ensure the financial health of a company, from the smallest to the most complex. It is only thanks to financial stability that companies can implement proper business management, develop winning strategies to achieve the objectives, continue to grow and invest to generate value, for themselves and for the social fabric within which they act. A crucial and virtuous circle, which allows companies to really make their mark on society.

m-Squared Consulting supports its customers in all phases of financial resource management, providing specialist advice with highly accurate analysis, both internal and external to the company.

We work closely with CFOs, CEOs and boards of directors, developing and implementing management and oversight strategies for the company’s budget and financial status, and sustainable business plans.

Respect for the timescales and forecasts of development are our priority; in this way we are able to optimise resources and investments, maximise opportunities and increase shareholder satisfaction.

We know how to satisfy our customers.


  • Financial status analysis;
  • Debt Status Analysis;
  • Investment Management Projects;
  • Business Plan;
  • Special Projects Management.

Planning and control

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