Concretely and continuously improve the management of the company, both from a quantitative and qualitative point of view. This is the purpose of lean management, a type of simple management capable of involving all levels of the company through an active contribution of people, to identify the differentiating value for the end customer, to standardise processes through continuous learning, to identify critical issues to overcome them and make the best use of all company resources.

For these words to go from theory to practice, we at m-Squared Consulting collaborate closely with the company’s management, drawing up an in-depth analysis of the organisational models to significantly improve organisational structures, performance, models and production processes.

Review of flows and cost analyses, evaluation of the efficacy and effectiveness of organisations and workflows, management consulting in order to establish models and approaches to corporate culture based on new structures, business developments and market opening, managerial and/or generational changes: all actions that allow companies to be competitive in today’s market. All steps that we design and implement skilfully.


  • Analysis and development of strategies for the efficiency of business flows and processes;
  • Definition of the core business and significant areas;
  • Analysis, management and prevention of any problems affecting the organisation and business;
  • Advanced interface information systems with the entire operating area;
  • Business Process Modelling (BPM) of health processes;
  • Serialisation and traceability.

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