The world is running fast. Business is running fast. In addition to the things to do, there are a lot of others to think about for transforming ambitious projects into satisfying realities.

That’s why we want to support our clients with the right candidates, with the right preparation.

We believe that creating a synergy between the world of work and training is a challenge to be won at any cost. Because it allows companies and people who join the company to be more successful every day.

In m-Squared HR & Placement we constantly analyze trends and developments in the job market. We have the ability, thanks to our preferential observation point within customers companies and the m-Squared Consulting division, to understand the real and urgent needs in terms of know-how and personal characteristics of specialized professionals, as well as to foresee short, medium and long term future ones.

We develop projects aimed at identifying the right professional figures to be included in the various departments, defining what their specific skills are.

We create the right mix of skills and competences of candidates, structuring, if necessary, the required training courses before entering the company.

We also define supplementary training projects to meet any staff movement and repositioning needs, both externally and internally to client companies.

We believe that having more and more trained people in the right positions is a value capable of making a difference.

Skills and competences

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