Digital transformation and IoT are increasingly needed for businesses.
Through our consultancy, we are able to provide a strategic vision in the planning and implementation phase of business processes, oriented towards digital transformation and the Internet of Things.

We implement and validate ERP, MES, and LIMS systems, electronic batch records, we take care of acquiring and analysing big data directly from the market or from production plants and we develop dashboards for the analysis and actual use of data to support quality and periodic process reviews.

We analyse flows to optimise business processes in the production and logistics areas.
We offer consultancy and staffing in Project Management and Application Management for the strategic planning, design, development, implementation and support of new systems as well as for the management of daily activities.

We analyse and design the present, while always looking towards the future.


  • Validation plans of information systems (ERP, MES, LIMS, CDS…);
  • Application Management;
  • Project Management for system implementation and staff;
  • Flow management and mapping;
  • Digital transformation;
  • Data integrity gap analysis and validation;
  • Big data dashboard;
  • Performance of UAT/SAT (User/Site Acceptance Tests) as end users for validation of compliance with requirements;
  • Analysis, identification, development and implementation of AI software;
  • Management of entire systems and business processes of Digital Transformation;
  • Development of custom software for the management of complex workflows on laboratory or industrial tools (e.g. dissolution tests, autosampler automation, LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) automation to combine laboratory test tools with quality system documents;
  • Plant Information Management System (PIMS) interfaces to manage and record in real time all the data and settings of the company systems, from a remote location;
  • Paperless Lab: software for the management of automatic laboratory data recording systems;
  • ELN (Electronic Lab Notebooks) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems – ): software for the management of experiments and laboratory workflows or industrial and logistic processes (e.g. warehouse, dispensing room, pick-up list) data from all major chromatographic management software programmes and tools of all kinds, automated production line management, etc.);
  • Drafting and subsequent verification of RFP (Requests for Proposal), USR (User specification requirements) and System Designs for your software and hardware systems to be produced or purchased;
  • Software for the management of quality system documents, such as SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) or Change Control;
  • Management of the programme of settings, calibrations and preventive maintenance of instruments, machines and systems;
  • Management of product programs (e.g. laboratory reagents, industrial reagents, goods in stock);
  • Automated management and updating of Material Safety Data Sheets with GHS (Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) labelling.

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