Technology Transfer:
from Open Innovation to Life Cycle Management.

Technology Transfer, in its broadest sense, is a process in which knowledge is applied and replicated in the scientific and technological environment, to develop new solutions, services, products, and production and organisational flows.

This knowledge can also come from different sectors, adapted to the specific situation.

By its very nature, Technology Transfer has an infinite number of applications and involves figures with different know-how and experiences, but which are complementary from the point of view of the development of a specific project.

Transferring a technology from one application to another is a process that is commonly included in the Open Innovation model.

Open Innovation is a method of analysis, integration and sharing of knowledge that starts from study and research, often of an academic and scientific nature, to be then applied in the market.

It is no coincidence that the term Innovation is used. In fact, it is about taking intuitions and ideas, regardless of whether they are already used and present in the target sectors or totally new, and applying them to different contexts through an innovative process.

Added to this are all the activities that lead to implementation, production and, more generally, to Life Cycle Management.

Technology Transfer must respect very precise phases and involves a series of positions with equally precise roles that follow the entire transfer, from creation and strategic validation to implementation and testing.

It is easy to understand that, in view of the availability and use of technology already existing in different areas, implementing a technology transfer operation also means addressing issues related to the regulatory protection of intellectual property.

This is even more true in the Pharma sector, especially if you consider all the stages of industrial drug production and the
Such a complex process must be entrusted to structures that have highly technical and managerial professionals within them.

m-Squared is able to meet all the needs of a Technology Transfer process from the conception and strategic management phase to the concrete implementation of the implementation of production plants.

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