m-Squared HR & Placement. Leading by vision

m-Squared believes in direct comparison, and is always ready to listen and welcome the requests of its customers. Listening to the people who trust us every day, together with the desire to complete our diversified offering based on specialised advice and high-level training managed directly by our Academy, led us to create HR & Placement.

A business unit dedicated to identifying and integrating skilled and specialised personnel into the various company departments.
Aware of how these aspects have a decisive impact on the path of excellence that each company follows, we are dedicated to searching for and selecting professional profiles and talents capable of fully satisfying the demands and needs of our customers.

We check and verify the hard and soft skills of candidates, as well as their references and previous professional experiences.
We follow the process of selection, research and integration in all its phases, using professionals specialised in individual areas and with technical skills, able to identify figures truly in line with company needs.

We have a clear vision of what companies need and what characteristics each profile must have, whether an individual resource or an entire team.
Depending on the needs, we select profiles with different experiences: junior, middle management, senior and top management.

We ensure that the world of work and training speak a common language, through the development of ad hoc projects and the identification of the professional figures necessary to face the challenge of constantly evolving markets and societies.

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