Operations, logistics, supply chain — three items present in the business plan of most companies, three aspects that can represent an area capable of creating value, but also an area that presents the greatest difficulty at the management and organisational level. In other words: a sophisticated mechanism whose details and complexity you need to know inside out and take great care of to prevent it from getting stuck.

Achieving and maintaining efficiency in these areas means developing a great competitive advantage, optimising resources, avoiding waste and meeting customer requests faster and faster.

At m-Squared Consulting, we aim to improve the short, medium and long-term performance of all phases and departments directly and indirectly involved in product, service and procurement management flows, such as vendors, suppliers and customers, without neglecting the necessary relationship with Business Development Management and the Sales area, including the marketing department.

To help our customers overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow, we take care of every step, generating valuable relationships.


  • Analysis and optimisation of all phases and processes of Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain;
  • Warehouse and Storage management;
  • Dropshipment;
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange);
  • Supplier Management;
  • Procurement Flows;
  • Supplier and Customer Data Management;
  • Invoice flows;
  • VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) and CMI (Co-managed Inventory);
  • Forecast and Hub Development.

Increase, improve, perform

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