Every time a company starts a selection process for finding a professional figure, it is preparing to face a challenge. Organizations need to insert resources that integrate easily within the structure and contribute to the achievement of objectives in a short time.

For this reason we develop tailor-made consulting projects, analyzing the sector of reference, the structure and context of the customers companies. Every business has specific characteristics that cannot easily be replicated.

Our commitment is to support client and candidate along the different stages of the selection process, aiming to build solid and lasting partnerships.

We have developed a structured method of research and selection, customized according to the objectives, which takes place in 6 phases.

  1. Analysis. We carefully analyze the business context and the role of the profile required, to define the job description together with the custome
  2. Recruiting. We implement a targeted recruiting strategy, using our networks, databases, job boards and social channels. We use direct research and head hunting for the profiles that require it.
  3. Selection. We manage the entire selection process: from initial interviews to the presentation of a shortlist of candidates. We prepare accurate reports for each of them: experience, skills, hard and soft skills, professional, economic and position expectations.
  4. Training. The plus that only m-Squared can offer: thanks to our Academy we intervene in a timely and precise way to fill any skills gaps, both during the selection process and following the choice of the candidate. This approach allows you to create tailor-made training courses even after hiring the candidate, speeding up the timing of placement and significantly reducing the impact on team colleagues, who will be able to dedicate themselves more to the core business.
  5. Finalization. Customers and candidates support in the negotiation phase prior to onboarding. Assistance and intermediation in the delicate phase of negotiating remuneration and contractual terms in order to meet the needs of candidates and customers.
  6. Follow Up. Follow up with client and candidate after onboarding to verify the alignment of expectations. Regular contacts with the company and candidate to check the level of satisfaction and integration after the onboarding

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